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I am a Danish girl based in London. In love with languages, making words work for me, styling my awesome recipes and shooting with my Olympus camera – and my boyfriend of course! I am a dog-lover, almost-vegetarian (sometimes that fish is just too delish for me…) and I have an eye for aesthetics.

“I help young girls and guys (yes, guys are welcome in the kitchen too!) to find the joy in cooking healthy. I don’t believe in too busy to cook, good food is too expensive etc. I believe living whole is a choice, and if it’s too big of a challenge, no worries I’m here to help you”

I rarely spend more than fifteen minutes in the kitchen at a time, and still manage to make that empty-the-fridge-salad look pretty amazing. So yes, you can too! I have no education within healthy cooking, nutrition or anything fancy, I just love spending time in the kitchen. My dad was a chef back in the days, and I have been his co-cook all my childhood – and it never let go of me.

I hate spelling errors and would never take a photo with my flash, so don’t worry about bad content in here – oh, and IF you think some of my content is not good enough, please let me know. I can deal with any critique as long as it’s well-meant.

Thank you for coming in here, I have had the most amazing start to my blogger-life possible, all because of you. So thanks and thanks again. xx